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Une expérience reconnue en production d’images dans les domaines les plus exigeants. Des photographes présents dans les plus grandes villes françaises et internationales. Une équipe 100% dédiée à la valorisation de vos projets !

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image experts to highlight the architecture of your buildings

How to refine your interior architecture with photos ?

Specialized in interior and architectural photography, Abaca Corporate makes compelling photographs in diverse areas deemed complex and challenging. Large companies regularly call on our professional services.

Value your projects with the expertise of our team

Architecture and interior design photography requires rigorous techniques to achieve a structured and creative result. Our photoshoots are custom-made, with the objective of highlighting the property while respecting the work of the architect or designer. Our photographers have proven experience in producing images in several fields of work and they are present in many cities around the world.

From conception to the realization of your photographic projects, Abaca Corporate accompanies you on every level:

- Drafting the project’s layout: original brief, logistics, defining the necessary means, choice of the photographer, etc.

- Production: team management, project monitoring at every stage, considerate professional supervision.

Post-production: development of photos, photo editing, choice of print formats, etc.

We are committed to providing you with meticulous compositions of your establishment via shots with harmonious perspectives and a balanced light, to obtain a result that is both realistic and captivating. In addition to capturing your place and its volumes, we are committed to sharing an ambiance by highlighting the unique atmosphere of the place that is photographed.

An innovative approach

As professionals in interior design and decoration photography, we use a specific material and approach that we adapt for each client. We are constantly looking for the best angle of view, perfect framing and ideal light. We strive to showcase unique layouts, colours and contrasts in every photo. For example, we work a lot on the lighting: by combining natural lighting and auxiliary lighting, by controlling the differences in interior and exterior brightness, and by allowing the necessary time for each photoshoot, the post-production work is facilitated and achieves optimum results.


Abaca Corporate agency is made up of an effective network of image professionals, whose modern vision will strengthen the identity of your company. On each project, we offer expertise and geographical proximity that are real assets. On every architectural project, we make your image our priority.

Our expertise around the world

In architecture as in decoration, we take the time to define the complexity of the different places and objects, to obtain a result which meets your expectations. A professional agency ensures you an incomparable quality, with a detailed follow-up of each step of photographic production: we offer you the means to communicate on your projects, and to position you on the targeted markets.


Take advantage of our mastery of architectural photography techniques, with a material entirely dedicated to the realization of this type of work. The use of specific objectives and the composition work will make you discover perfectly balanced images, able to share the aesthetic intentions of the creator.


In 2017, we delivered more than 2,800 photos, corresponding to more than 5,000 hours of photoshoots and 1,700 hours of photo editing. Our network covers most European countries as well as many states across the globe, from the USA to South Africa, via Brazil and Japan. Beyond the project’s simple photographic process, our mission is truly to translate the atmosphere and history of a place: rely on our experience and the careful eye of our photographers.

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Interior architectural photography requires specific photography techniques, which add to the fundamentals of photography (lighting control, composition, framing, etc.). Each photographer will bring his own perspective on the photographed subject, his sensitivity to reveal all the aesthetics of a subject. We work constantly to obtain an attractive photograph, with a natural rendering while preserving the realism of the places.


We invite you to browse the site, to discover all our services. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or mail if you need additional information. You can also consult our blog where you can find more inspiration for your ideas. Our realizations are the result of all our know-how and efforts involved in a dynamic and consistent team.

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