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 An Original Corporate Reporting loyal to your Business Image

Corporate Photo Reporting

A corporate report is a particularly interesting instrument for branding. It reveals the business life through the staging of everyday moments which gives a natural feel to your images and makes it possible to tell a story true to your company’s identity.

For a corporate report anywhere in France and abroad, ABACA Corporate puts at your disposal its image experts.

To unveil the life of a company through the staging of everyday moments, lifestyle photography is a particularly interesting instrument for brands. This process gives a lot of naturalness to the images and makes it possible to tell a story true to your company’s identity.

Lifestyle photography highlights where human values and authenticity go hand in hand. For any field corporate report throughout France and abroad, ABACA Corporate puts its image experts at your disposal.

Corporate Photography presenting Your Company Image

Dynamic, impactful, sincere and likely to integrate easily into the storytelling of your choice, corporate photography has become an essential communication tool for professionals. For large companies, it is a major way of presenting the business life through an artistic bias. The different moments of the company’s life are captured in every detail to diffuse an attractive look, while accentuating the feeling of truth. The process is most effective for communicating with customers and partners.


The use of photography in situations, in the field or within the company, is quite appropriate to break or promote the image of seriousness that sometimes sticks to the skin of business leaders. This type of photo offers a more casual representation of a CEO or a team. The creative possibilities are varied but the image still serves professional interests. Perfectly mastered, the photography in situation can contribute to deliver a strong message. Highlighting human, natural and sincere aspects are at the heart of your corporate photographs.

Field Report promotes your Enterprise

Corporate reporting aims to show in a new light the life of a company. Our reporters can offer you videos and photographs that will be showcased, as well as their knowledge and individual human capital. A key for effective communication, a company corporate report is a modern and effective tool for telling the story of a brand in pictures. The expertise of our videographers and photographers allows you to share an exceptional coverage of your own activities, and also to highlight the professionalism of your teams.


Regardless of the size of the company, it is challenging to reveal the full potential of a company and its partners via images. Still, it is a crucial element to learn how to share and portray a positive image. Our reporters move on the site and will adapt to all your requests to make photos and videos in a situation that meets your expectations. Special attention will be paid to the means of production, as well as whatever post-production techniques are used. It is the guarantee, for companies, to obtain a final product dedicated to the enhancement of their trades.

The Impact of Situational Portraits

Realized in your working environment, the portrait in situation adds value to portray your business image. A guarantee of originality, naturalness and empathy, this type of portrait makes it possible to humanize a business leader by showing him at work in his daily working habits. These types of photographs are done through many staging practices that depend on the desired atmosphere and the message you want to convey. It is possible to develop portraits in the office, with the customers or on a building site for example.


By calling on the agency ABACA, you will have the certainty of an impeccable professional rendering for all your portraits in situation. Our teams can provide you with tailor-made work to cover all the aspects of your working environment. Bright desks, a grand staircase or a dynamically arranged hall will be highlighted by the image, offering an even more positive vision of your business.

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