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An original look to enhance your culinary creations

Food photography

The gastronomy business is an area of ​​intense competition. For restaurateurs, hoteliers and caterers, standing out means implementing the best means to enhance their culinary work. Food photography plays an important role in communicating the dishes offered. Customized photos of your dishes will highlight your creations and attract the attention of new customers and partners. Throughout France, the specialists of Abaca Corporate offer their services to embellish your creations. Our expertise in food photography guarantees you exceptional images for all kinds of media.

The importance of quality food photographs

Food photography is an important part of the communication work that caterers and restaurateurs must do. It is essential to entrust this task to professionals with the skills and means to make photographs adapted to this competitive field. For the website of a company, the quality of the images is of paramount importance. Poor quality photographs have a direct impact on the rate of transformation of a site. It is therefore very important to pay the closest attention to your iconographic content.


The specialized photographers of Abaca Corporate will put their expertise at the service of your creations. Through our photographs and food photoshoots, we will be able to realize both staged photoshoots in accordance with your culinary creations as well as emphasize the qualities your establishment. Your customers will have the opportunity to see your dishes in their best shape and get a better idea of ​​your menu. We can offer polished photographs for an harmonized visual content to use on the web, on social networks and in your establishment as well as on other of your communication platforms.

Photos adapted to all media

Our various photographs will be delivered at the same time in HD format and in web format. Then, you will have the possibility to use them on all the communications media of your choice. High quality images can convince new potential customers much more easily. You will also stand out from the competition with photos sublimating your dishes. Food photography is a valuable asset for all kinds of gastronomy professionals.


Leaflets, flyers, large format images, web content: Food photography can be used to communicate in many ways. For a perfect aesthetic look, we ensure every step of the creation of our food photoshoots in close consultation with our clients. From the development of the brief to the choice of the culinary photographer to the retouching of your photos, we provide you with a complete service that fulfill all your needs. Our equipment also guarantees unparalleled image quality.

A meticulous staging to embellish your dishes

The agency Abaca Corporate has experienced professional photographers who will offer a unique lighting on all your culinary creations. For this, rigor and precision will be required during each step of the photographic process. Special techniques, adapted to food photography, will be implemented to guarantee you a perfect result. By choosing a professional agency like ours, you will also enjoy an original and creative look highlighting your culinary realizations.


Successful food photographs are the best option to illustrate your recipes. The visual pleasure will immediately prompt the desire to taste your food. Beautiful photos are the best advertisement for a restaurant or hotel. With thoughtful direction and total control over the lighting, your food photos will immediately stand out. Our expertise in the post-production sector ensures you to count on photographs where we pay attention to all the smallest of details. Each photoshoot proposed will offer a singular and percussive look on your culinary creations. What better way to seduce new customers than with the visual quality of your dishes?

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